The Importance of a Great Company Culture

Company culture is more important than ever; if you want to get the best out of your staff, you need to invest in them. Investing time into improving company culture can be the best way to secure high service levels and in turn employee retention rates. In reality, it’s one of the most impactful ‘behind the scenes’ assets a business can hold.

It is essential to keep your employees satisfied and motivated. So, what are the major elements in creating and maintaining a good company culture?

Invest in your employees

Employees want to feel valued, investing in their future and providing them clear paths for personal and professional development is key in keeping staff engaged. Find out where your staff see their career and invest in training days and schemes to aid development.

Make time for social events

Providing opportunities for employees to socialise outside of work hours can be great for boosting morale. Encouraging team bonding can be great for productivity at work.

Value and encourage employee feedback

It is essential to make employees feel valued and that their feedback and opinions matter. Provide a way for staff to make their opinions and feedback known; this is also a great way to monitor employee satisfaction levels.

Communicate your company’s mission and values

Establish a company mission and communicate it with employees, ensure that staff are on board so that everyone knows what they are working towards.

Hire strong leaders

Culture is largely shaped by how your leaders act, make sure your leaders embody the type of company you want to be. Employees will learn from what they see.

At Stream we have team nights out, as well as annual events to recognise and reward the success of our employees. But what really sets us apart from the rest and why Stream is such a great place to work is the great company culture that has been built. We believe that the quality of our service starts with investing in our staff; we ensure we provide a clear path of development in order to keep our staff engaged, and more importantly ensure they feel valued.

Our mission is simple; we aim to innovate, engage and support, and to become the number one specialist recruitment agency to work for. If you’re interested in joining a company who truly cares about its company culture then take a look at our work for us page and join a winning team today.


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