Women in Engineering

2015 has seen a strong focus on women in engineering with a number of events dedicated to increasing awareness and interest in engineering within the female community.

Engineering is a rewarding career both financially and personally, and it is a profession that is much in demand, which begs the question why do women only represent only 7% of the engineering workforce?

The UK has a huge skills gap in engineering, it is estimated that between now and 2020 we will require 87,000 graduate level engineers each year but will only produce 46,000. By creating an increase in the volume of female engineering students in the UK, we can partly address this deficit while redressing the balance at the same time.

STEMNET is an organisation that works with numerous schools and colleges to encourage young people into the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths with particular focus on encouraging women into these fields. Our Group Director, Clive Hutchings is a STEM Ambassador and works with local schools and colleges to raise awareness of potential career paths.

As a recruitment specialist in the fields of technology and engineering, this subject is close to our hearts. We feel it important to do our part to encourage women into engineering and as such when we launched our new brand Stream, all web content was written by a team of female editors to make it more accessible for all. We have also undertaken a ‘Women in Engineering’ project with one of our clients.

We would love to hear your stories, if you are a successful female engineer then why not tell us your story and encourage others? Perhaps you are thinking of a career in engineering or maybe you’ve won an award?


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