Data Engineer


In the frame of Customers Services, Technical Data Systems, the job holder is accountable for the following activities:

* Technical/Authoring activities
* Subcontracting activities management
* Validation & Verification activities
* Design criteria management
* Project Managing improvement initiatives
* Technical data process/tool improvements
* Customer relationship & support
* Tutoring/coaching activities
* Transnational activities

for the production and support of the Maintenance & Material products (e.g. AMM, TSM, IPC etc), to enable the safe and efficient accomplishment of aircraft maintenance adapted to customer needs.


* Ensure and maintain compliance with EASA/FAA regulations (ICA process) and EN9100 for their own technical scope and perimeter of responsibility.
* Using technical expertise to manage all authoring activities for the technical scope of the jobholder.
* Technical focal point for other domains and companies (design office & customer services & subcontracting companies & suppliers).
* Assess aircraft design criteria (e.g. Service Bulletin, Customer Originate Change, MPM, drawings) for technical manual impact. Collect all associated necessary source data from design office, component manufacturers and suppliers (RSP, NSP).
* Alert in case of non-identified impact on others ATA chapters or manuals respective work sharing partner in other domains or local lines.
* Define product manual revision/creation target and ensure associated deliverable follow up.
* Writing of maintenance or trouble shooting or material or wiring procedures.
* Cascade transnationally all necessary technical information to other local lines technical data engineers.
* Manage A/C configuration at A/C MSN level for all written procedures in order to ensure that Airbus Technical Data accurately reflects the aircraft configuration.
* Ensure program tasks harmonization.
* Ensure source data verification for coherence and technical consistency.


* Manage Technical Data & Services Subcontracted Activities in accordance to AP2539 with support of business operations department, quality focal point or others as necessary at ATA or work package level.
* Ensure information flow of Airbus referential revision/creation on subcontractor’s side.
* Focal point of contact in all matters for criteria like RFI/RFR, MPM, SB, COC, drawings. Ensures that all requests are answered/incorporated in time and according to the Customer Support rules.
* Provide guidance to technical authors (subcontractors) in the accomplishment of their tasks related to customer daily queries e.g. for applications and interpretation of product requirements and associated processes.
* Assess KPIs issued by Business Operations department and launch associated correctives actions.
* Monitor recovery reports (action plans) from subcontractor when required
* Define and manage priorities and proofread maintenance or trouble shooting or material or wiring procedures (internal production).
* Define and manage priorities and perform incoming inspection of maintenance or trouble shooting or material or wiring procedures (external production).
* Ensure, in case of findings, that the SAfety Related Item (SARI) / Significant event / OCC process is applied.

* Contribute to the design criteria assessment.
* Ensure integration and management of all design criteria impacting Technical Data products.
* Assess and provide technical justification for all non-integrated design criteria.
* Coordinate/inform other SID organization on potential impacts of a criteria under the responsibility of the jobholder.

TECHNICAL DATA PROCESS/TOOL IMPROVEMENTSPropose process and IT tool improvements.
Functional testing Business acceptance testing & validation.

CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP & SUPPORTProvide continuous and efficient support to customers and all users of the Maintenance, Material and Wiring deliverables.
Guarantee accurate and on time delivery of our deliverables as promised to customers.
Launch preventive/corrective actions to continuously improve products, processes and practices based on customer feedback in line with product definition.

Ensure tutoring/coaching of newcomers if required.

TRANSNATIONAL ACTIVITIESRepresent local department at transnational Technical Data decision-making meetings and workshops.
Represent Technical Data function in discussions with local engineering departments and external engineering suppliers.

Key deliverables:
Aircraft Maintenance or Material deliverables
Customer queries answers
Technical data KPI assessment and associated corrective actions
Subcontracting activities follow up.

* Supplier activities follow up

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As part of our evolution we are undergoing a visual transformation and adopting a new name (Insignis) but rest assured, we will still be offering the same exceptional recruitment expertise.
As part of our evolution we are undergoing a visual transformation and adopting a new name (Insignis) but rest assured, we will still be offering the same exceptional recruitment expertise.
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